Meet The Zenix™ Stick

The Flash Drive for your phone.

Just plug it in, and offload photos & videos in seconds. It's that simple.

Tired of running out of phone storage?

No more "Phone Storage Full" errors, no more cloud uploads, and no more hassle.

Take all the photos you want and free up space instantly with the Zenix™ Stick.

  • Plug & Play

    Simply plug the drive to your device's corresponding Lightning, USB-C, USB-A, or Micro-USB port.

  • Seamless Data Transfer

    Copy your files via our proprietary app and they'll show up on the drive - so you have a totally secure back-up of all the important moments.

  • No More Storage Limits

    Download all the apps & games you want. Finally enjoy freedom over your device.


Will this work with my device?

Absolutely! The Zenix Stick is compatible with all iOS, Android, and PC computers/laptops. If your device has a lightning port or USB port, it will work just fine!

It includes the following port connections:

- Lightning (Apple)

- Micro USB (Android)

- USB C (Android + Laptops/PC)

- USB A (Laptops/PC)

What app do I use?

For iPhone, our app FlashDeviceHD is best. For Android, we recommend the File Manager app. Both are extremely easy to use, but if you have any questions/issues, just let us know and we'd be happy to guide you through it!

What files can I transfer?

The Zenix Stick supports all common image, video, and audio files. This includes stored pictures & videos from your camera roll, and music & voice recordings from your phone!